Senior Management

Farrell Virga

President & CEO,
Meringoff Properties

Farrell Virga serves as President & CEO of Meringoff Properties managing the daily operations of the company's real estate portfolio, with responsibility for management, leasing, administration, operations and financial reporting. A 30-year veteran of Meringoff Properties, Mr. Virga, was previously a corporate officer with Teleprompter Corporation where he was responsible for financial planning and budgeting for more than 100 cable television systems nationally.

Mr. Virga sits on the Board of the Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership and is an active participant in the PENCIL Partnership Program which is partnered with Curtis High School in Staten Island. A past Chairman and Trustee of the Kittatinny Lake Community Association, Sandyston, NJ, he served on the Board of Directors and was a member of the Executive Committee of Mount Manresa, a multi-purpose retreat facility in Staten Island, NY.

Mr. Virga is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in New York and New Jersey and a member of the Real Estate Board of New York.

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